Meet Mommy Halo.

The safe and comfortable way to use your phone or tablet during pregnancy.

Global product certification from EMC Technologies - Blocks between 97.74% - 100% of radiation
Enjoy an ergonomic design that is built for growing bellies
Connect, watch, work or relax feeling protected.
Available for US$ 59.95 or 4 easy payments of US$17

Our interest became innovation.

We were expecting parents living in Asia in 2017. That meant being in contact with family and friends overseas, watching YouTube tutorials on how to do the perfect swaddle, and researching recipes that were high in baby-friendly nutrients. Constantly on our mobile devices, constantly self-educating. And like 1 in 3 expecting mothers, we started to question the effects of EMF transmitted radiation from our devices, and how that affected our child. We have become so attached to our mobile phones and tablet devices that it’s easy to forget the harmful effects it may cause our body.

What we learnt about EMF radiation.

We believe if these EMF waves were visible to the human eye, similar to light, our device would have been created years ago. The current scientific research is concerning and we want to help expecting mothers feel safe, again.

Checkout EMF SAR test results for Mommy Halo

Mommy Halo in action.

The Mommy Halo is a folding ring with a single hinge, designed to rest comfortably on a pregnant belly or dad bod or any flat surface around the house. It doesn’t need any power or additional devices to work – just place your tablet or phone within the ring and you can rest assured your bub is completely protected from all EMF radiation.

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About Us


Anthony and Robin are parents to two beautiful boys. Their concern & interest became an innovation & their mission to help expecting mothers feel safe from the harmful effects of EMF was born. Anthony and Robin have independently run successful, international, businesses in clean energy and the beauty industry. Because of many articles such as the ones below; they are now focusing on projects like the Mommy Halo.

(Reuters Health) “Miscarriage rates triple for women with top radiation exposures”

View the article here

(Reuters Health) “Children whose mothers were frequent cell phone users during pregnancy were more likely than those of less frequent users to be hyperactive, a new study finds.”

View the article here

(CNN) – “The evidence is more clear that there is a link between cancer and cell phone radiation, the National Institutes of Health said Thursday.”

View the article here

(RF Safe) “Cell phone radiation exposure during pregnancy impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity, Yale School of Medicine researchers say.”

View the article here

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Halo Ipad Stand

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